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Devotion4u is a promotion network for artists and events of all kinds.

We are aimed to help develop the potential of new talents of electronic music of various genres.
You can find our DJ and Band portfolio here!

Since 2021 Devotion4u is also a music label.
On our site you can find the hottest EDM (Deep House, Slap House, Pop House, Ambient) artists and their tracks.
Our top artists are: DJ Del Monti, Joe Paisley, Abado Amador, Tamdor Music, Tim Tanamur, Brand Cold, BeachTone, Takantor, Gurupur, Takamana, and more…. ‘
Check the discography of our DJs and artists.

You can buy your favorite tracks at Devotion4u Music Shop and download them directly legal as MP3 file.  Long before the tracks are available on other portals.

Devotion4u also offers: DJ & Artist Booking, videos, artist promotion, cover & flyer design, event promotion, music production, playlist marketing, playlist curators, games, fan base community, artist network, events and more …!

For Artists:

Devotion4u, is home to a roster of established as well as emerging local artists. With a strong focus on artist development devotion4u provide commercial, press & radio promotion, playlist pitching, marketing, synch/branding/licensing and distribution services.
Together with our streaming distribution partners, Divotion4u will share your music to leading music websites, streaming services and associated social networks like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Napster, Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tencent and many more….

We are constantly in the search for new talent throughout the world to release in any of our labels!

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