Agents Of Moments

The german producer team, Agents of Moments has gradually turned their passion for music into a real career.
Agents of Moments creates music that is universal, epic and inspiratunal.  Simply very good electro chill out tunes.
The head of the team is Joe Paisley, it is his passion for music what creates impressive sound, beats and moments.
The epic vocal part on most of the tracks is done by Tessa T.
Throughout the Covid era producing music has been a kind of therapy for the team.
In a world of ever recycled trends, Agents Of Moments is that most classic of shades.
Agents Of Moments are continually finds themself at the forefront of a booming electronic music culture.
With another massive year ahead of releases and exciting upcoming projects, Agents Of Moments are well and truly cementing themself as a true modern great in the music world.
With a stack for new unreleased tracks Agents Of Moments are excited to explore new immersive experiences with music.


Hit Single:

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This track brings very armonic tranquility!