DJ Joe Paisley

DJ Joe Paisley is a German EDM music producer and DJ.

Inspired by the creative chaos of his journeys around the globe, the highly talented DJ, producer and songwriter Joe Paisley invites his listeners on a fascinating trip. No matter where they may be: at big clubs, at festivals, beach clubs, or even listening on their headphones at home – high energy and pure emotion combine to create an amazing vibe and adventure.

The experience of having spent years wandering through medieval landscapes that surround him have influenced Joe Paisley’s view of the world. This is manifested by both the magical mystery and muted melancholy he delivers to enchanted onlookers with occult instrumentations and beguiling sounds.

DJ and producer Joe Paisley has become one of EDM’s most reliably party-starting spinners – especially when he teams up with is label friends. He first came to prominence with his impressive EDM tracks Wanna Be” ,“You inside” and “Darkside” and since then, has become a powerhouse in the Europen DJ and Producer scene. He is also co-producer of some Tamdor Music and Tim Tanamur hit singles.

Joe Paisley has been a leader for over 30 years in the music, event and entertainment business. He still works crowds into a frenzy with endless enthusiasm and a smile from ear to ear. DJ Joe Paisley is out to break up styles and shift sounds in order to create his very own music.

Wanting to explore music Joe Paisley first got into DJing when he was 17 years old. Influenced by older friends (Ricardo Rodrigues) that did mobile DJing around the neighborhood, he started his own DJ career at the age of 18. No matter what type of venue it was he rocked any crowd with his versatile skills. After about 4 years of doing that he got into the top parties and clubs of Konstanz with other top Dj’s. Joe organized some legendary events and create successful Party Labels like Titanic Parties, Party Orange, 80s Party, River Club Night, Amici Party, Disconautic and the celebrate the first evnts in Blechnerei, Konzil Konstanz, Foyer Stadttheater Konstanz, Sealife Center, Rheingold, Dr No, Wunderbar. He became the resident DJ at some top locations like the Rheinterrasse Konstanz, Wunderbar, Underground, Temple Club, Blechnerei, etc. After several years of DJing Joe became one of the most successful event organizers.

In 2020 Joe Paisley start to produce some awesome EDM, Deep House & Dance tracks for his own label.
Music is the best way to express all the good vibes in his mind and soul.

You can find his latest releases here on this website. You can also find his tracks on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Shazam, Napster, Tidal, Tencent,, and more…. Check it out!!!

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Summer Beach Club 2021


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