Club Agents – Barricade

Club Agents - Barricade

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  • Label: Devotion4u
  • Release: 02 Apr, 2021
  • Catalog No: CA002

The Club Agents – Barricade (Vocal Mix)
Produced by Joe Paisley


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Press & Reviews:

Thank you for sampling your Song! Good Beat & Melody!!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the right for our Playlist! We are lucky for your next Projects in the Future! Best Regards from Berlin / Germany ,, Joachim” from Nexxtmusic Berlin.

Very nice track. It’s very dynamic, powerful and catchy. The instrumental is well compose, and energetic, it pumps you up. The vocal is nice, nothing exceptional but it’s great for the track. (EDM)

Hey this song is very powerful, big feel emanation from this track. (Nike Selection)

Great song, love the vibes, i add it to my playlist, looking forward to hearing more great songs in the future! (In.Control Fantasy)

Very good your music and also the cover. I liked. Very good rhythm & good vocal. The melody is very cool and very good, congratulations. (Tik Tok Viral Hits)

Hey there, cool house/edm song! Love the upbeat melody and the voice is impresssive as well. (Artist Republik Discovery)


Club Agents - Barricade