Lake Tone – Rising High

Lake Tone - Rising High

  • Label: Moonshadows Records
  • Release: 04 May, 2021

Lake Tone – Rising High  (Featuring: Nik Herb & DJ Joe Paisley).

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Hot funky deep house track, produced by DJ Joe Paisley and Nik Herb.



Can you feel the passion in the air?
You are the chosen one!
Let the tensions rise!
The tensions rising high!
Can you feel it?

Reviews, Feedbacks & Press:

Cool groove, nice vocals and catchy sounds. Definitely suitable for our selection, ready for summer parties!  (youBEAT Selection)

The track is very beautiful and captivating, nothing to say about it!  (NMEC)

Awsome funky deep house tune with great vocals and excellent flow. A nother amazing production (as usual) from DJ Joe Pasley. Great job! (HOUSE Music 21)

Very good vocals and great flow. Very very compelling production!  Amazing deep house + funky song.  (High On Traveling)

Stunning deep house track with a funky twist. Great vocals and good flow. Very very god production! I just love it!  (Hi Dance Music)

Very lively track. It’s very nice, dynamic and has a catchy rhythm. The instrumental is nice, well-composed, has a bit of 80s vibes. The vocal is very impressive, the singer has a beatiful voice that is perfectly valorised by the track. (EDM)

Thank you for sampling your Song RISING HIGH! Good Beat & Melody!!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the right for our Playlist! We are lucky for your next Projects in the Future! Best Regards from Berlin / Germany , Joachim” from Nexxtmusic Berlin

Professional recording, loved the synths and ambience and melodies here. I’m going to support this with my audience.  (BASS BOOSTED – Car Music, Curator)

Very nice – Good energy.. Great melodi and and AWESOME singing. (ENILSounds)

Amazing deep house + funky song. Old style melodies, very good vocals and great flow. Very very compelling production! (Awesome Dance Hits)

Congratulations! The energy and composition of the song is pretty good. The song progressed quite fluently.  (Yaz Hitleri 2021)

Good music, good vocal & good rhythm. the dj did well in the remix. congratulations beautiful voice. continue! so I look forward to new music. (Sunrise Mood)

The track is very beautiful and captivating, nothing to say about it! Well done mixes and masters. You are talented and it shows! The melody of the “refrain” transports you to another dimension. (POP)

La traccia e’ molto bella, le percussioni sono perfette il mix/master bene fatto il beat spacca e con la voce sona divinamente suona tutto molto professionale! La melodia e’ magia rende il brano molto piu’ emozionante Aggiunta. Continua cosi!

Thanks for your track Rising high. I like the vocal and overall flow of it! Will support in my melodic deep festival playlist 🙂

Excellent sound and excellent vocalism of the singer. The song is fresh and rhythmic with a melody that is easily remembered. (TikTok Hits 2021)


Lake Tone - Rising High