Lake Tone – Young & United

Lake Tone - Young & United

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  • Label: Devotion4u
  • Release: 06 Apr, 2021
  • Catalog No: LT0001

Lake Tone – Young & United  (TeeCee Mix)
Out now!
The new project of DJ Joe Paisley & DJ JeeCee.

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Press & Reviews:

Really catchy debut single! Like the overall vibe and the beat and the vocals are nice as well. Will add. Look forward to hearing more from your next release.
(Pop Songs)

Great track, it’s powerful and very motivational. The instrumental is very nice, the piano play is iconic and overall it’s very harmonic and well composed, the drop is very good too. The vocal matches perfectly the instrumental and the lyrics are sharp and energetic. (COOL)

Really cool house oldschool song! Very well produced, of course this can be approved for our playlists. (Dance To The Beat )

A song with a very soft and delicate instrumental melody, which together with the power of the electronics and the dynamic rhythm of the song and the voice, create a very powerful combination that transmits motivation and positivism.

Thank you for sampling your Song! Good Beat, Melody and Vocals!!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the right for our Playlist! We are lucky for your next Projects in the Future! Best Regards from Berlin / Germany ,, Joachim from Nexxtmusic Berlin

Like the lyrics powerful, delivered very well by vocals. Vocals are good, like the tone. Nice flow. Fresh. Good song.  (Pop Songs)

Song Text:

We don’t need to rush
it is our term
they can wait to see us
we are like the star dust.
wish with a light not afraid the night.
the gravity won’t hurt
we won’t hit the ground
and now we can’t fall
the stars are guide us
they will lightning our way
the darkness will fade!
we are young and united
we’re gonna stay strong and divided
it’s way we’re wanna feel
its how we’re are gonna live
we are young and united
we’re gonna stay strong and divided
it’s way we wanna feel
it’s how we are gonna live


Lake Tone - Young & United